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Bella Nuova Catalog 2018


Creating the impression of a beautiful, natural head of hair requires a kind of magic. It’s spun of artistic flair; the very finest materials and extraordinary craftsmanship. That spell is most potent when you’ve woven close relationships with trusted sources — with caring people on whom you can depend to help you sustain the magic.

At René of Paris, we’ve always believed that quality and trust go hand in hand. That’s why we take pride in introducing you to the Bella Nuova collection, an exclusive new selection of luxuriously designed, hand-tied human-hair* wigs.

At its heart, the Bella Nuova collection empowers a woman to fulfill a personal vision — to present a positive self-image — more completely than any other premium human-hair wig.


In intimate contact with the wearer’s scalp for hours on end, a wig cap can make all the difference in comfort and confidence. No wonder we’ve put so much thought into the distinctive Bella Nuova cap. Both the Moda (fashion) and the Salute (medical) designs feature our high-performance Caring Touch™ construction, with feather-light, stretchable mesh that gently adapts to the contours of the head.

On both caps, each strand of human hair is painstakingly hand-tied in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

To give an extra measure of confidence, each Bella Nuova wig is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity confirming that it has passed our final inspection for artistry, craftsmanship and integrity.


Hairstyle, they say, is the first thing that walks into the room. That’s why the Bella Nuova collection gives you versatility that responds to your creative spirit, with variety to suit every preference, all brought to life in super-premium materials of unmatched quality.

The most fundamental measure of excellence in a wig is the quality of the hair itself. With characteristic perfectionism, René of Paris devoted three years to the search for the perfect blending of natural hair varieties. After testing samples from around the world and creating innumerable prototypes, we arrived at our proprietary, human-hair*, EuroTerranean™ formula.

Soft, thick and easy to manage and style, EuroTerranean™ hair blends European and Mediterranean hair, a combination that adds up to a supremely touchable and luxurious experience. You will appreciate the difference immediately.

Moda Cap


Our fashion cap construction is slightly larger in size, making it an excellent choice for the individual who chooses to wear a wig cap.

Salute Cap


Our medical cap construction is slightly smaller and finely lined with non-slip silicone strips that hug the scalp and prevent any slippage.


The double monofilament toppiece is enhanced with layered wefting to create more natural hair movement.


Darkest Brown
Medium Brown
Medium Brown with Highlights
Frosted Blond
Natural Blond
Lightest Blond