O’ra – Tape-In Skin Weft Ocean Wave 16″ & 20″; O’ra – Tape-In Skin Weft Straight 16″ & 20″


O’ra Tape-In Skin Weft is one of the tape-in extensions that hairs are hand-tied on PU skin which look like the hair grow from your skin.

O’ra Tape-In Skin Weft is made of 100% Human hair and comes straight & Ocean wave in style; 16 inch & 20 inch in length. In both styles, colors are up to 30 different shades including 60 white and Ombre, Balayage. 6-piece-set is ideal for multi colored hair or design highlights.



O’ra Tape-In Skin Weft is New type of tape-in extension with a hand-tied application.  It comes 6 tabs of 1.5 inches (4 cm) width to make 3 sandwiches. Tab parts have enough hair yet thin to make sandwiches and are covered under thin or fine-haired customers’ heads.  And they are good to use as highlights avoiding dye your own hair.  The hair is one of the best quality so if you take good care of it, it lasts longer.

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Human Hair


Tape In, Seamless Weft

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Ocean Wave, Straight