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Wig Adhesive - Release 4oz

Wig Adhesive - Release 4oz

Wig Adhesive - Release 4oz
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Adhesive remover for lace fronts & all other systems. Recommended for use with Super Grip adhesive.

For Lace Fronts: Tilt head back. Insert tip of applicator gently on top of lace front through the hair.
Apply enough ADHES-RELEASE on top of lace to dampen lace area. Keep product away from eyes.
Let set for 30 to 60 seconds. Gently lift lace from the top of the tape. When lace is free, remove tape
from forehead. Clean forehead well of any adhesive buildup before reapplying new tape or adhesive.

For All Other Systems: Insert the applicator tip at front edge of the base and follow same directions as above.

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