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Ultra Hold Adhesive (0.5 fl oz)

Ultra Hold Adhesive (0.5 fl oz)

Ultra Hold Adhesive (0.5 fl oz)
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Acrylic 3-6 Week Hold Waterproof.

Walker's Ultra Hold is an excellent acrylic adhesive suitable for both, perimeter bonding and full head bonds. This adhesive is the leading standard for soft bonds in the wig adhesive market. It is famous for long hold times, and has a clear non-yellowing formula. You can expect an amazing hold time.

Ideal adhesive for attaching lace wigs (BUT do NOT apply directly to lace). 

Bottle includes a built-in brush for easy application. 0.5 oz bottle. 

Use any of the citrus-based solvents for removal. You may also use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for a more thorough cleaning.

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