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Purging Tool/Fusion Iron

Purging Tool/Fusion Iron

Purging Tool/Fusion Iron
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This purging tool is used for the application of Keratin U-Tip Strand by Strand Extensions. Delivers heat evenly and heats on both sides.

Intended for professional use only. 

Keratin U-Tip Strand by Strand Extension application:

1. Use a comb tail to create a straight part in the scalp, clip
    the top portion of hair on top of the head using a clip.

2. Gather approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter of a
     small section of hair from under the part. Insert a plastic
     hair guard around the strands and press the guard flat
     against the head. Secure the position of the plastic
     guard with a clip.

3. Place a strand of Keratin U-Tip extension hair under
    your clients’ natural hair, approximately 1/8 inch
    away from the scalp.

4. Place your heated hair extension purging tool at the
    top of the hair extension and squeeze the tool closed
    for two to three seconds. This melts the keratin glue
    and attaches the extension to the natural hair.

5. Set aside the hair extension tool, wait approximately
    2 seconds for the keratin to cool off enough for you
    touch and roll the heated glue in your fingers.

6. Repeat until desired amount of extensions have
    been applied.

Among other names, purging tools may also be known as Fusion Extension Irons. Keratin U-Tip Extensions may also be known as Hot Fusion, or Strand by Strand Extensions. Plastic Guards may also be known as Scalp Protectors.

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