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Professional Link Closing & Opening Pliers

Professional Link Closing & Opening Pliers

Professional Link Closing & Opening Pliers
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Professional pliers used for the application and removal of I-Tip, Strand by Strand, Cold Fusion, or Feather  extensions. They are specially designed to tightly crimp (close or flatten) the link for a secure application and to open the link for an easy removal. The rubber handles provide a comfortable grip making your work flow much more efficient. They are extremely durable and easy to use.

How to use Professional Link Closing Pliers during the application 

and removal of Strand by Strand I-Tip Extensions (step 6-8):

1. Use a comb tail or a parting tool to create a straight part in the scalp, secure the top portion of hair

    on top of the head using a clip, this will give you access to the hair underneath

    which is where the application will take place.

2. Slide the Extension Tube through Pulling Needle, you may insert a few tubes

    in at a time, they will sit at the lower portion of the needle, ready to be used.

3. Hook equal amount of real hair (from the loose hair that you parted) and

    Extension Hair and pull through link.

4. Slide Extension Tube towards the scalp.

5. Insert tip of Fusion Hair into Link.
6. Use the Extension Pliers to tightly close the Extension Tube.

7. Repeat until desired amount of extensions have been applied.

8. To remove, open Extension Tubes using Extension Pliers and remove Fusion Hair.

Among other names and nicknames, Extension Tubes may also be known as Extension Links, beads, or rings. I-Tip extensions may also be known as Cold Fusion, or Micro Bead Extensions.

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