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Extension Release 4oz

Extension Release 4oz

Extension Release 4oz
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This is our most popular hair extension tape remover. It's famous for working very fast. It's also alcohol based so it doesn't leave residue. It won't disintegrate and melt your tapes into a mess. It will leave the tape intact so you can peel it off in one piece.

  • Fast Acting
  • Non-Oily

How to use:

  1. Choose one hair extension to start with and using the sprayer, saturate the adhesive area.
  2. Move to the next extension and repeat.  You will do this to all of the installed extension.
  3. Return to the first hair extension and begin working it until the extension releases from the hair.
  4. Repeat until all of the extensions are removed.

After the hair extensions are removed, you can also use Extension Release to remove any adhesive residue left behind.

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