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Mari Ari Hair Supply Promotions
Best Hair in Houston Competition

Best Hair in Houston Competition

Must be a resident of Houston to play!
Rules Below!

Best hair Competiton Houston
BEST HAIR 2012 Procedure/ Rules/ Guidelines/ Judging
All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, and your latest hairstyle. Each month there will be an album created to hold
all the contestants photos. Only enter (1) picture of yourself per month. If you are a stylist you can enter one as well, but if the
customer in the picture you post wins, they must be present to pick up award with you. All hairstyles photos will be judged at
the end of each month by our professional staff to determine the winner of each month. When you come to pick up your prize,
you get to take a picture with our staff and get your 2 boxes of free hair and your $100 gift card. Now ladies/men keep
in mind theirs only a few entries so far this month, its prime time to post your pictures with such little competition. Judging
will be held on the last day of the month at 7:00pm.  At the end of the year there will be a huge Grand Prize award! 
Every winner from each month will go to the finals and compete for King/Queen of Best Hair in Houston Competition.
The promotion will be called, “End of the World Best Hair Competition.” An all-day event and huge promotional give-a-way!
Date in December not available at this time.   All winners from each month will get a chance to model if they would like
for our future promotions/ website/ etc.  Add us here on Facebook and post a picture to our wall, and let’s get the
competition on its way!

No camera? Come by the store we will shoot the picture for you!

  • ·         Only 1 photo of yourself or 1 photo of your client if you’re a stylist should be submitted each month.
  • ·         No Photoshop enhancements or any digital corrections to alter the image in anyway.
  • ·         Pictures must show your hairstyle in a current photo, within at least a year from the time it was taken.
  • ·         If you submit more than 1 photo you will be automatically disqualified from that month’s competition.
  • ·         You can enter 1 each month; anyone can enter at any time of the month.
  •           All entries must be posted by 6:00pm on the last day of each month.  
  • ·         Your ID must be present at the day you pick up your winnings.
  • ·         Anyone who enters the competition each month will receive a coupon for $25 towards your next purchase.
  • ·         Photos can be submitted at the first day of the month until 6:00pm of the last day month.
  • ·         If you do not live in Houston, or surrounding Houston area you will not be able to enter competition.
  • ·         Rules are subject to change at any time
Judges Guidelines :
·         50% Hairstyles (uniqueness, creativity, style, look, color)
·         30% From “Friends” hitting “Like” on their photo
·         10% Helping us repost our contest to their friends
·         10% Suggesting our page to your friends

Any questions?  Give us a call 713-789-7400
April's best hair competition  
Enter Our Competition

Enter Our Competition