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Recently Viewed

General Hair and Beauty Supplies Houston

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30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue (4 fl oz. 118 ml)30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue (4 fl oz. 118 ml)
30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue
1 fl oz. (30ml)
30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue 1 fl oz. (30ml)30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue 1 fl oz. (30ml)
30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue
1 fl oz. (30ml)
99 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol 32oz99 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol 32ozMedical Grade Adhesive Remover & Cleaner
Adhesive & Tape RemoverAdhesive & Tape Remover

Wig Adhesive Tape Soft-Bond Remover 4 fl.oz.

Black Nylon Weaving Thread (Large) 980 yrdsBlack Nylon Weaving Thread (Large) 980 yrds
Black Weaving Thread
BrandyWine Wig Luster (10 oz. Aerosol Spray)BrandyWine Wig Luster (10 oz. Aerosol Spray)
Keeps wigs soft and natural-looking. 
C-22 Citrus Solvent 12ozC-22 Citrus Solvent 12ozCitrus Based Solvent Cleaner & Remover
C-22 Citrus Solvent 4ozC-22 Citrus Solvent 4ozCitrus Based Solvent Cleaner & Remover
Canvas HeadCanvas Head
Clamp Mannequin Head HolderClamp Mannequin Head Holder
Collapsible Wig StandCollapsible Wig Stand
Copper Extension Tube (Links) for I - Tip ExtensionsCopper Extension Tube (Links) for I - Tip Extensions250 Pieces each
Curved Weaving (Sewing) NeedlesCurved Weaving (Sewing) Needles
Davlyn Lan-o-Sol RemoverDavlyn Lan-o-Sol Remover
Davlyn Super Stick Adhesive 1.4oz (Clear)Davlyn Super Stick Adhesive 1.4oz (Clear)
Davlyn Waterproof AdhesiveDavlyn Waterproof Adhesive
This is a strong and reliable waterproof glue
Double Sided Pulling NeedleDouble Sided Pulling Needle
Extenda-Bond Perforated Strip TapeExtenda-Bond Perforated Strip Tape4 Week + Hold
Extension Clips & Toupee ClipsExtension Clips & Toupee Clips
Extension Release 4ozExtension Release 4ozHair Extension Tape Remover
Extension Tube Color ChartExtension Tube Color Chart
Fast Trak Hair Knot & Tape Tab SealerFast Trak Hair Knot & Tape Tab Sealer
Fishnet Wig CapFishnet Wig Cap
Fusion Finger ProtectorsFusion Finger Protectors
Fusion Hair Extension Pliers for Link Opening and ClosingFusion Hair Extension Pliers for Link Opening and Closing
Hackle Weaving ToolHackle Weaving Tool
Hair Drawing Card 8"x8"Hair Drawing Card 8"x8"
Hair Extension Adhesive Glue GunHair Extension Adhesive Glue Gun
Hard Bond Remover 1 ozHard Bond Remover 1 oz
Walker's Hard Bond Remover
Just Rite Positioning Spray 4 oz.Just Rite Positioning Spray 4 oz.
Keratin Based Shrink TubesKeratin Based Shrink Tubes
Lace Front Support Tape (3 Yards)Lace Front Support Tape (3 Yards)
Lift CombLift Comb
The metal pick side will lift and volumize
Liqui-Tape Silicone AdhesiveLiqui-Tape Silicone Adhesive
Waterproof  Silicone Adhesive 1.3 fl oz.
Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weave AdhesiveLiquid Gold Bond-A-Weave Adhesive
Long Pulling NeedleLong Pulling Needle
Lord & Cliff Hair Moisturizing Cream 8ozLord & Cliff Hair Moisturizing Cream 8oz
Needle & Thread SetNeedle & Thread Set
No Shine Super TapeNo Shine Super Tape
Notape (Silicone Bonding Adhesive)Notape (Silicone Bonding Adhesive)
Perforated Mini Strip TapePerforated Mini Strip Tape4 week + Hold
Pinky Finger Hair Parting ToolPinky Finger Hair Parting Tool
Tool for separating sections
Pro- Flex Seamless Extension TapePro- Flex Seamless Extension Tape
Select Item for prices
Professional Link Closing & Opening PliersProfessional Link Closing & Opening Pliers
Professional Application Pliers
Professional Weaving MachineProfessional Weaving Machine
Pulling LoopPulling Loop
Purging Tool/Fusion IronPurging Tool/Fusion Iron
Rapid Release 12ozRapid Release 12ozCitrus-Based Remover
Safe Grip Copolymer Adhesive 1.4 ozSafe Grip Copolymer Adhesive 1.4 oz
Salon Pro Super Hair Bonding Glue 1 fl oz.Salon Pro Super Hair Bonding Glue 1 fl oz.
Hair Bonding Glue 1 fl oz.
Scalp Protector- Dab On 1.4ozScalp Protector- Dab On 1.4ozImproves adhesion, Prevents irritation from tape & adhesives
Scalp Protector- Spray 2ozScalp Protector- Spray 2ozImproves adhesion, prevents irritation from tape & adhesives.
Scalp Protector/Plastic GuardScalp Protector/Plastic Guard
Sensi- Tak TapeSensi- Tak Tape
Hairpiece tape for permanent attachment
Shark Clips (4 Pack)Shark Clips (4 Pack)
Shark Hair Hold Clips
Small Loop BrushSmall Loop Brush
Soft Bond Silicone Adhesive (3.4 Fl oz)Soft Bond Silicone Adhesive (3.4 Fl oz)
Stocking Wig CapStocking Wig Cap
Super Grip Adhesive 0.5ozSuper Grip Adhesive 0.5oz

TDi Super Grip Adhesive 1/2oz

Super Million Hair Enhancement FibersSuper Million Hair Enhancement Fibers
Super Million Hair MistSuper Million Hair Mist
Tape Adhesive Remover 4ozTape Adhesive Remover 4ozRemoves all tapes & soft bonds
TDI Cuticle Pro-TecTDI Cuticle Pro-Tec
TDI Fast Trak Hair Knot Sealer (8oz.)TDI Fast Trak Hair Knot Sealer (8oz.)
TDI Fibre Clean Wash 4ozTDI Fibre Clean Wash 4oz
TDI Fibre Clean Wash 8ozTDI Fibre Clean Wash 8oz
TDI Hair Gloss 2ozTDI Hair Gloss 2oz
TDI Silicone Conditioner 8 ozTDI Silicone Conditioner 8 oz
TDi Silicone K New Life (4oz & 8oz spray bottle)TDi Silicone K New Life (4oz & 8oz spray bottle)
TDI Super Grip Adhesive 2 fl oz.TDI Super Grip Adhesive 2 fl oz.
Ultra Hold Adhesive (0.5 fl oz)Ultra Hold Adhesive (0.5 fl oz)
Ultra Hold Adhesive (1.4 fl oz)Ultra Hold Adhesive (1.4 fl oz)
3-6 Week Hold Waterproof
Ultra Hold Adhesive 16 oz.Ultra Hold Adhesive 16 oz.
3-6 Week Hold Waterproof 
Ultra Hold Adhesive 3.4ozUltra Hold Adhesive 3.4oz
Walker Lace Release 1.1 FL ozWalker Lace Release 1.1 FL oz
Fast Release
Walker Lace Release 1.4 FL oz.Walker Lace Release 1.4 FL oz.Fast Release
Walker Soft Bond Silicone Adhesive (16 Fl oz)Walker Soft Bond Silicone Adhesive (16 Fl oz)
Walker Top Loc Knot SealerWalker Top Loc Knot Sealer
Walker Weft Release (4 fl oz.)Walker Weft Release (4 fl oz.)
Walkers Adhesive RemoverWalkers Adhesive Remover
Walkers Leave-In ConditionerWalkers Leave-In Conditioner
Simple way to keep your human hair hair system looking and feeling its healthiest!
Walkers Mity-Tite (3.4 fl oz.)Walkers Mity-Tite (3.4 fl oz.)
2-10 Day Hold - Waterproof
Weaving NeedlesWeaving Needles
Weaving Pole SetWeaving Pole Set
Weaving Thread (120M)Weaving Thread (120M)
Wig Adhesive - Release 4ozWig Adhesive - Release 4oz
Wooden Pulling NeedleWooden Pulling Needle