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  1. Q: How many strands of hair do I need for a full head?
    A: The average head of hair takes between 4 and 6 packs (100 – 200 strands).  However, depending on the length of the client’s hair, as well as the thickness this can vary. 
        Someone with a short bob, for example may use as many as 10 packs where as someone with shoulder length hair may only need 4.
    Q: What color should I choose?
    A: Mari Ari offers 35 colors to choose from in a wide variety of shades and levels. Remember, because the hair is 100% human you can also color the hair to a level
        of your choice. For a list of our colors visit our website (www.MariAriHair.com) to view our Color Ring. Or you can purchase a Color Ring to help make the decision.
    Q: What is the difference between I-Tip and Keratip Extension?
    A: The I-Tip method is also known as the beading method. It involves tiny aluminum or cooper beads created to hold the hair in place. It also alleviates the use of heat
    and glue making the removal process much easier. The Keratin U-Tip Extension method is commonly referred to as the “Fusion” method.
    Q: How many strands come in a pack?
    A: Mari Ari’s I-tip and Keratip packs include 32 to 48 strands per pack. Quantity depends directly on the hair length. Mari Ari hair goes by 1oz each bundle not a piece.
        Each piece weights around 0.8g – 1g,
    Q: What can I do with my hair once the extensions are on?
    A: Basically anything you would do with your own hair. From curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and coloring. Just remember to always take very good care of it and
    your hair will last a long time and look and feel great.
    Q: Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
    A: Yes!  With a very affordable hair extension loop brush. We recommend requiring each new customer to purchase one to ensure proper care and maintenance for the hair.
    Q: What makes our company's hair the best?
    A: The single most important issue to ensure the hair is top quality sourcing.
        All of Mari Ari hair is from Remy to Virgin Hair condition collected only from young and healthy people.
Houston Store Location

Houston Store Location

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Types of Human Extension Hair

Types of Human Extension Hair

Highest Quality Human Hair
Most of the hair used for making hair extensions, hair pieces, and wigs sold in the US is sourced through India. Much of it is collected from monasteries located throughout the country. The largest and most famous monastery is in the south of India. Indian women donate their hair as an offering to their God as a sign of modesty. It is their understanding that it will be sold by the monks for a substantial sum of money that will be used to finance schools, hospitals and other publicly favored facilities. But not all hair that finds its way onto the market is the same.
GRADE: Cuticle, Non - Cuticle, Virgin, Processed, Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Remy and Non - Remy
  • MALAYSIAN HAIR (aka Asian Hair) a thick and coarse fiber that is naturally straight and dark brown to black in color. 
  • INDIAN HAIR (aka Italian Hair) a variety of fiber types from fine and straight, medium thick with body wave and curly to thick coarse hair. "Italian hair" is actually Indian hair that has been processed in Italy or Spain and then sold at premium prices. Indian hair is popular to use for custom made hairpieces because it can be made to resemble European hair. Although prices for Remy Indian hair can sometimes increase every 2-3 months, it is still available in the less expensive non - Remy form. The Indian hair fiber is small in diameter compared to Chinese hair and after chemical processing can feel and look just like European hair. Finally, a great attribute of Indian hair is that it comes in a full range of textures and body.
  • EUROPEAN HAIR (aka Russian Hair, Caucasian Hair) a fine to medium density fiber that is naturally straight to slight wave and available in a variety of natural colors, most commonly dark blonds to medium browns. The Virgin colors will often be streaked with lighter shades or the ends will be much lighter than the roots due to weathering.
SINGLE DRAWN HAIR (aka Cuticle Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair) a bundle of hair, no matter its origin or grade that appears like a ponytail because all the short lengths of regrowth hair are kept in the bundle. Many a novice buyer thinks the shorter lengths are split ends. Different manufacturers sell bundles of hair in single drawn form, but sometimes split the percentage of short hair and sell at a higher rate. They may decide to take out perhaps 50% of the shortest lengths and leave the rest in the bundle.
DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR (aka Non - Cuticle Hair, Processed Hair, and Non - Remy Hair) a bundle of hair, no matter its origin or grade that is all one length. There are no shorter lengths of hair present, Non - Remy Processed hair is usually sold double drawn. The term refers to a mechanical process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle, and then draws again to realign the top of the bundle.
Frequently asked questions:
Yes. Because this hair is also ethnic it blends well with African American hair.
WILL INDIAN HAIR MATCH THE TEXTURE OF CAUCASIAN AND HISPANIC HAIR? Yes, Indian hair is like your own hair texture very fine.